A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Planner

What a day in the life of a wedding planner truly looks like

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Your wedding planner becomes one of the closest vendors you work with throughout your wedding planning process. However, if you're hesitant on what exactly we do, we're hear to share what a day in the life of a wedding planner actually looks like. We are here to go through what not only a day in the life on a wedding day looks like, but also the days leading up to the wedding day in preparation. 

Let Your Planner Do It!

Let’s jump in the shoes of a day in the life of a wedding planner . . . As wedding planners we work with our clients for various amounts of time depending on when they book us and what package they select. However, we begin to really hone in on all of the final wedding details come the month of. 

A little before the month of a client’s wedding we like to touch base with them to schedule a meeting to go over all the ins and outs of their wedding. At this meeting we discuss everything from vendor arrival times at the venue, the day of timeline that includes photos and formalities, ceremony line ups, event layouts and so much more. We gather all the information that’s crucial for us, as their planner, to know. This way, once the wedding day comes, the client can truly enjoy themselves and we are in control on their behalf. 

When we have all the proper information needed the first thing we do is communicate with each of our client’s wedding vendors. We let them know who we are and that we are the point of contact now for the client’s wedding. This way the month of the wedding the clients aren’t stressed about anything and aren't being bothered by 10 different vendors for little things. The engagement period is such a special time in a couple’s lives together and we want them to enjoy it to the fullest with each other, their families and their friends - especially that last month!

A Timeline is a Planner’s Best Friend

A timeline is our best friend. Once we gather final details from all the vendors we start to create a timeline for the client and all vendors to adhere by. 

We send the timeline to be approved by our clients and as soon as it is, we send a final copy over to all the vendors. The wedding timeline is a 'holy grail' in the life of a wedding planner. If a vendor isn’t at the venue at the time stated on the timeline, we will call them to get an update as to when they will be on site.

We also use the timeline throughout the entire event as do the other vendors as well. 

Day Before Prep

The life of a wedding planner includes day before preparation. The day before a client’s wedding we conduct their wedding rehearsal. This includes organizing the wedding party together, typically at the venue unless a separate location is decided upon, to practice the ceremony. We help to ensure the wedding party knows where they are standing at the altar, how to walk down the aisle - if they are doing so, the placement in which to hold their bouquets and other valuable information for them to know. 

A quick overview of the timeline with the couple is helpful to do before leaving the rehearsal to make sure they didn’t forget to mention any details or important revisions that us planners should be aware of. Checking in with the client after the rehearsal via text, especially if it was earlier on in the day, is nice to do. It indicates to them that their wedding planner really cares and is attentive and they can place their absolute full trust in you for their wedding day tomorrow. 

Routines and Rituals

All of us wedding planners at Envy have different routines and we each have different little things we do to prepare for a client’s wedding day. All planners ensure we have the client’s timeline with us (downloaded on our phones/tablets and some of us print it out as well to have in hand.) We also all check our ‘wedding emergency kit’ to make sure it is stocked with all the essentials needed on the day of. If there is something needed we will stop on the way to the wedding to make sure we have the item readily available. 

Some of our wedding planners take part in day-of rituals. Our co-owner Jessie likes to take her wedding mornings slow to prepare for the busy day ahead. She always makes sure her phone is on loud in case vendors or clients call and need anything. After taking her dog for a walk Jessie enjoys grabbing Starbucks and some lunch on the way to the venue to fuel up.

Envy’s other co-owner, Steffi, spends the morning of her client's weddings enjoying time with her family. Before she stops to get coffee on the way to the venue, she ensures she has snacks packed in her bag for the day. 

Our lead planner Nicole enjoys taking a bath early on in the morning to relax and prepare her mind. She’ll typically text the client to wish him/her a happy wedding day. One of her wedding day staples is listening to a podcast on the way to the venue!

Mikaela, one of our other lead planners, wakes up early enough so she is able to work out and not rush. She likes to make a big wholesome breakfast so she has energy to last the day. Similar to our co-owners, she also enjoys picking up a coffee on the way to her client’s venue.

Our lead planner Caroline enjoys blasting her favorite tunes in the car on the way to the venue to get her excited for the long day ahead. 

The life of a wedding planner also includes dressing appropriately for the client's wedding events. The event planners at Envy dress in all black to be uniform and to not "stick out" too much. We dress professionally but also always make sure we tend to the clients preferences. For example, some of our clients have more elaborate black tie weddings in which we dress up our outfits, compared to a client’s wedding that is a little more casual. For casual style weddings, we still dress professionally but instead of a black dress, we may opt for black pants and a blouse with black flat shoes. However, we will say comfort is KEY on wedding day - especially when it comes to shoes since we are up on our feet for 10+ hours!

After Arriving at the Venue

Upon arrival at the venue, we check in with the venue coordinator and ensure the reception and ceremony are arranged properly, with chairs, tables etc. At many venues, there is typically a bridal suite in which we would then go check on the bride and the bridal party.

Once that all occurs, we start coordinating the ceremony set up. If there are things the client provided that need our attention to design and place, we do that. If the client hired other vendors to do so we make sure those vendors are setting up the decor properly. 

One of the major things in the day-of life of a wedding planner is ensuring the ceremony is as close as possible to starting on time. Of course we have instances where situations occur and it can not be on time for various factors, but for the most part we line up the wedding party and start the ceremony as close to on time as possible.

We like to be there for our clients after the ceremony and ensure a plate of appetizers and their favorite drinks are brought to them while they finish taking photos or mingling with guests. During this time, we also orchestrate any "flip" from the ceremony to reception space. We have one hour to make review and place any final details before the reception begins. 

The rest of the wedding day is based around the timeline we create with the client and we make sure the rest of the evening, from the reception to the grand exit, is executed to our clients dreams. One of our favorite moments is when the clients are dancing with their guests and we get to look at the whole day and how all the planning and coordination all came together. It’s such a proud moment being able to see the smiles on our clients’ faces, enjoying their day they spent hours, days, months, sometimes even years dreaming of. 

We love preparing for and executing weddings for our clients. We hope this gave you a little insight on the day in the life of a wedding planner and for further wedding inspiration make sure to read our most recent blog post about Cait and Nick’s blank venue wedding transformation.


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