3 Essential Rules for Picking YOUR Perfect Wedding Venue…and Why it is SO important

The decisions you'll make throughout your wedding planning process are seemingly endless, but one stands out as the most important choice you'll make...can you guess?

Yep. You've got it, it's Choosing your Wedding Venue.

In this post we'll discuss our 3 Essential Rules for Picking YOUR Perfect Venue AND we'll explain why this choice is so crucial!

Wedding Venue - The Mulberry, NSB | Photo by Alex Michele
Photo by: Alex Michele Photo


Our first rule for picking the perfect wedding venue is to determine your "MUST HAVES" before starting your search.

This means  sitting down, pen and paper in hand to decide the non-negotiable items your venue must have.

These "must haves" can vary greatly from couple to couple depending on your personal style, priorities, and vision for your big day.

If you're dead set on having an "insta-worthy" wedding, then visual aspects and aesthetic appeal are going to be big factors for your wedding venue.

This could mean jaw dropping architecture or stunning views are at the top of your "must have" list.

While other couples might prioritize the flow of their event, so having a venue with dedicated spaces for Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and Reception might be the number one spot on their "must have" list.

Take time to sit down with your Fiancé and discuss what your priorities are and how that might play into your venue selection.

BONUS TIP: Don't make this list too long...really try to hone in on your priorities and limit your list to a top 3-5 items!



Take the time to create a list of questions to ask each venue.

Things to consider asking about:

  • Size/Capacity
  • Venue Staff
  • Any exclusive vendor agreements
  • What is included with the venue package
  • Any restrictions that might impact your wedding day.
  • How long do you have the venue for?

Before committing to a tour (see Rule 3) try to get the answers to most of your questions. Ideally you will only tour 2-3 venues, so it is best to narrow down your options by asking questions and being detailed in your research.


Last but not least, tour your top 2-3 venues IN PERSON! Of course, we understand that there are some exceptions to this rule, but if at all possible be sure to make the time in your schedule to go see these venues in the flesh.

Seeing your top wedding venue options in person is crucial because often times (similar to choosing your wedding gown or suit) these decisions come down to something we don't get by browsing online or talking to the venue staff on the phone...sometimes the decision simply comes down to a feeling!

Trust your gut and go with the venue that makes you feel the most excited!

Why is picking your Wedding Venue so important?

When you think about your wedding planning process you probably think about booking all of your vendors...right? Photographer, florist, caterer, etc...

Well, what you might not realize is that your wedding venue must come BEFORE you consider booking anything else for your big day!

With our clients we don't even consider the Venue a "vendor" because it is in a league of its own. Your venue not only determines WHEN your wedding will be, but it also sets the tone for everything else.

While we can go into the planning process with an idea of what our clients want their wedding aesthetic to be, we can't truly begin the design process until we know the venue and spaces where everything will be taking place!

All in all, your venue, along with your budget are the foundation of your entire planning process.

Casa Feliz Wedding Venue | Photo by Alex Michele Photo
Photo by Alex Michele Photo

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