6 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Wedding Seating Chart

The dreaded wedding seating chart! Something most couples wait to do until the very last minute. We recommend grabbing a glass of wine (or 2), and let's get started. You'll have this done in no time!

wedding seating chart

You’ve finished the majority of your planning items for your wedding...but now the RSVPs are starting to roll in and the wedding seating chart is coming to mind. Where are we going to put all of these people?!

This step in the wedding planning process is something most couples dread thinking about. While for some, they say, “Pick a table any table!” others prefer to have assigned tables or assigned seating at their wedding reception.

Now, while some may prefer no seating chart, many people at least like to have assigned tables. However, if you’re having a sit down dinner, we highly recommend having a seating chart. This helps keeps things running smoothly throughout your wedding reception!

Creating a wedding seating chart can seem overwhelming at first, but once you get into the swing of it, it can actually be something fun to do with your fiance and a glass of wine in hand!

To help you figure out where your guests are going to sit during your wedding reception, today we're sharing some of our best tips to help you create your wedding seating chart.

Decide on Your Table Sizes

Something you most likely will not even think about but it’s very important. Before you start seating guests, you’ll need to have a game plan for your tables. The size and shape of the tables will be the deciding factor on how many guests can be seated at each table. When it comes to the shape, you typically have four basic options - round, rectangle, oval and square. Depending on your reception space, this will determine how you make your decision. After you decide which tables you prefer, then you can start filling them with your guests and creating your seating chart!

Keep Your Friends Close On Your Wedding Seating Chart

Come on, these people have been with you throughout the whole process the least you could do is find them a good seat! Kidding, but a head table filled with your wedding party (and their dates only if there’s room) is a great way to make them feel special and acknowledge their role, as well as surround yourself with your favorite people during dinner. If you’re deciding to go with a sweetheart table instead of a head table, no worries! Seat your wedding party with their dates and a group of mutual friends. All of these people should still be seated close to you since they may be giving speeches.

wedding seating chart

Where to Seat Your Parents and Family On Your Wedding Seating Chart

Traditionally, both the bride and groom’s parents will share a table at the reception, along with grandparents and siblings that aren’t in the wedding party. It gives the parents another chance to get to know each other and celebrate the union of their children. Everyone that attends your wedding will be happy, but no one will be as happy as your parents, and by sitting together they can share that together. However, sometimes this doesn't work. If that is the case sit your family with close relatives at separate tables relatively near you so they can see you!

Categorize Your Guests Into Groups

Now that the RSVP list is finalized, you can start grouping people together for your seating chart. By grouping, we mean guests according to how you know them such as family members, high school friends, college friends, work friends, etc. This doesn’t mean these people have to sit together, but the tables will start forming in your head of who already knows each other and gets along. If you have a few people that do not really know anyone and are coming solo, consider their age, interests and backgrounds and fit them where you think they would feel part of the group.

The goal is to try and make everyone feel comfortable. If you were wanting a singles table, this might embarrass your guests by sitting all of the single people together. Let them mingle on their own!

wedding seating chart

Consider Your Floor Plan

Remember to keep the floor plan of your venue in mind while creating your wedding seating chart. Give your family and wedding party the best seats in the house so they have a clear view of all of the action. Older guests may want to sit farther away from the band or DJ and sit your younger guests near the dance floor so they can get the party started!

Draw Your Wedding Seating Chart Out

Whether this is on the computer, or by hand we really suggest laying your seating chart out in front of you so you can really mess around with it. This will also allow you to put where the bar, dessert table and DJ/band is going to be.

Have You Already Given Up On Assigned Seating?

No worries, get a little less specific and just go with assigned tables instead. This way, no one will be scrambling for seats while you’re trying to make your grand entrance. It’s the same idea with assigned seating. Put thought into who you’ll be grouping together to make sure everyone’s got someone to talk to and will have an enjoyable evening. If you forego assigned seats or tables, just make sure your elderly guests always have a place to sit down. Having some sort of wedding seating chart, even if it's just table assignments, will make your reception flow much more smoothly!

When it comes to designing the actual seating chart we recommend it just be big (big enough to sit on a floor easel) and visible so everyone can see it. However, we encourage you to get creative with it! Check out our Signage Pinterest Board for some more fun ideas! We hope you enjoyed a few of our most thought out tips when it comes to helping you plan your wedding seating chart!

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